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As ASYA Translation we translate all kinds of legal documents and text meticulously with our translation personnel who have specialized in Turkish Law system and International Law and Regulations. Legal documents have to be dealt with care and they contain specific words and terms. ASYA Translation is fully aware of this fact and it has created its own legal terminology with specific judicial terms and provides quality translation services to its customers by using this legal terminology with its expert translators. In this sense translations are made by professional translators who are expert in their field and who have a good command of the related terminology and are controlled by an editor before delivery. We provide legal translation services in more than 40 languages primarily in English, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish and Italian.

We provide the following solutions within the scope of Legal Translation Service.
• Lawsuit Petition Translation
• Customs Report Translation
• Translation of All Kinds of Legal Petitions
• Translation of all kinds of texts that contain a legal language
• Legal Opinion Translation
• Translation of Legal Agreements
• Translation of Tender Documents
• Translation of Laws and Regulations
• Rental Contracts
• Criminal Law Translation
• Court Decision Translation
• Civil Code Translation
• Property Law Translation
• Patent Translation
• Insurance Law Translation
• Translation of Witness Statements
• Translation of Commercial Law
• International Law Translation
• Power of Attorney Translation
• Translation of Tax Code