Services » Commercial Translation

As ASYA Translation Services we provide commercial translation services for our customers by taking confidentiality policy as a principle and with our professional translators who are experts, experienced and branched out in commercial subjects. The translations are made by professional translators who are expert in their field and who have a good command of the related terminology and are controlled by an editor before delivery. We provide commercial translation services in more than 40 languages primarily in English, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

We provide the following solutions within the scope of Commercial Translation Service.
• ATR report translation
• Translation of banking documents
• CE document translation
• Translation of all kinds of texts in finance and economy fields
• Translation of corporate documents such as quotations, invoices, receipts, dispatch notes, proforma etc
• Translation of documents related to customs transactions
• Translation of all kinds of commercial texts
• Translation of quarantine documents
• Commercial translations in logistics field
• Cash Flow Statement Translation
• Translation of all kinds of texts in insurance field (policy report translation, damage report translation etc…)
• Translation of company establishment documents such as trade registry gazette, signatory circular etc
• Written contract translation
• Translation of resources such as commercial gazette, exhibition, catalogue
• Commercial patent translation
• Commercial Agreement translation
• Commercial correspondence
• Translation of TÜV certificates
• Translation of Certificate of compliance
• Power of Attorney translation