Services » Simultaneous System (Equipment Service)

What is a simultaneous interpretation system (interpretation equipment)?
It is a system that is required in order for simultaneous translation services to be offered. These systems are used in events like meetings, conferences or seminars, where translation between two or more languages is to take place.

As ASYA Translation Services we offer the service of leasing simultaneous interpretation systems for national and international meetings. After a simultaneous interpretation system has been installed, the interpreters are enabled to easily listen to speakers and translate speech into the target language. ASYA Translation Services makes sure your event is concluded without any issues with a wide range of interpretation equipment and a staff of trained technicians.

As part of our simultaneous equipment services, we provide the following solutions.

• Amplifier + Mixer + Speaker
• Press Mixers
• CD Player
• Tape Deck
• Chair Microphone Systems
• Digital and Analogue Mixers
• DJ Systems
• Headset Microphone
• Speaker Setups
• Karaoke
• Lectern Microphones
• Teleconference Systems
• Wireless Hand Microphone
• Collar Microphone etc…

• Carousel
• Data - Zoom - Objective
• Plasma Screen
• Projector (for slideshows)
• Projector Screens
• Switcher Systems
• Teleprompter
• Overhead Projectors
• Video Convertor
• Video Conference
• Watch-out Systems

• Integrus Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Interpreter Booths