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What is Certified Translation?
The translation documents prepared from source language to target language by translators with certificate of oath from notary in accordance with the original text..

How Does Notary Certified Translation Process Work?
First of all the document which will be certified at the notary has to be translated by a sworn translator in accordance with the original text. After translation and control processes are completed, the document is prepared with the signature of the translator and other seals for the certification of the notary. Notary shall certify the document after examining.

Points to consider for Notary Certified Translation:
• Whether the document needs to be certified by the notary or not is decided by the institution for which the document will be submitted.
• Translation cost and notary expense are separate from each other. You can obtain information on translation cost and notary expenses from us.
• Document is certified in a notary which has an agreement with the translation company and in which the translator who translated the document has certificate of oath, in this sense notaries are independent.
• At the certification process of the notary, you need to have the original document with you.
• Revenue stamp has to be paid before the certification of documents which contains monetary commitments such as agreement. Notary shall complete the certification process after that.
• In order to use the power of attorney translations coming from abroad, they need to have an apostille. In the same way the document to be submitted to abroad need to have an apostille from Governorship or District Governorships.

As ASYA Translation we prepare all kind of documents of our customers with caution and in due time and high quality by our professional translation staff in order to have them certified in notaries. In this sense translations are made by professional translators who are expert in their field and who have a good command of the related terminology and are controlled by an editor before delivery. We provide notary certified translation services more than 40 languages primarily in English, French, Russian, Arabic and German.

We provide following solutions within the scope of Notary Certified Translation Service.
• Certified Diploma Translation
• Certified Marriage License Translation
• Certified Tender Document Translation
• Certified Signatory Circular Translation
• Certified Court Decision Translation
• Certified Identity Card Translation
• Certified Passport Translation
• Certified Patent Application Translation
• Certified Report Translation
• Certified Driving License Translation
• Certified Agreement Translation
• Certified Specification Translation
• Certified Trade Registry Gazette Translation
• Certified Transcript Translation
• Certified Power of Attorney Translation