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Web sites have become an indispensable resource for companies in this age where technology and communication tools constantly develop. Customers who want to do business globally and promote their products and services accordingly shall achieve their objectives easily after their web sites are translated and localized.

For this purpose, ASYA Translation Services provides important solution opportunities to its customers with its professional translation staff that take confidentiality policy as a principle. We provide web site translation services in more than 40 languages, primarily in English, French, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Italian.

• All you need to do to learn the translation cost of your web site is to contact us via mail or telephone. Even though you do not have the text of your web site, we will analyze your web site and after the pricing process we will deliver it to you with the texts in the shortest possible time.
• If you need localization of your Web Site, we provide support with our solution partners in this field.
• After the localization of the web site is completed, your web site is examined for one last time and it is controlled whether the localization is completed correctly. Final controls are of essence especially for the languages which do not use Latin alphabet such as Arabic, Persian, and Russian.

We provide following solutions within the scope of Web Site Translation Service.
• Press Release Translation
• Web site translation for Fairs and Conferences
• Translation of all kind of written materials required in Fairs and Conferences
• Promotion, Brochure, Catalog Translations
• Web Site Translation in all languages
• Web Site Localization Service